Motion Control Division: Intermittent Motion Clutches

Single Revolution

Hilliard Single Revolution Clutches have been the standard of excellence since 1936 providing five times the duty life of wrap-spring clutches for indexing, shearing, bending, fastening, loading or similar applications. Each clutch is designed for a service life of 40 million cycles.

Applications: Typically used for indexing, shearing, bending, loading, fastening, or similar applications.

Intermittent Drive Assembly

This easy-to-install, self-contained package includes a solenoid-operated, single revolution clutch with anti-rollback and anti-overrun features. Designed to provide greater life than wrap-spring assemblies, the Hilliard IDA is built to last through millions of cycles.

Applications: IDAs are ideal for photographic printing and processing, indexing, cutting, shearing, and punching machines, and bag filling and sealing operations.

Intermittent Drive Unit

The Hilliard Corporation's Intermittent Drive Units (IDU) are packaged mechanical assemblies that produce precise intermittent motion-on-demand from a constantly rotating input. Intermittent Drive Units feature a self-contained lubrication system, making them ideal for dusty, dirty, steamed or washed-down applications. Foot-mounted housings with input and output shafts simplify installation.

Applications: The IDU is used on packing and indexing equipment, conveyors, and case loading, bag filling, and sealing equipment.

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