Motion Control Division: Industrial Overrunning Clutches

HSO/HSI Sprag Clutches

Hilliard Sprag Clutches are equipped with heavy duty ball bearings to ensure concentricity and handle radial and axial loads. The clutches are designed to mount on a shaft with the inner race driven by a hardened key (not supplied). The tolerance of the outside diameter of the outer race is suitable for use as a pilot for attaching torque arms, pulleys or couplings. Hilliard Sprag Clutches are able to transmit more torque in a given package size than other styles of freewheel devices.

Magna Torque

MT Overrunning Clutches combine high torque, high speed capabilities, easy field repair and low cost -- all in a compact size. With most overrunning clutches, shaft size is a major consideration. Wedge Ramp technology allows for greater bore sizes than comparable size clutches offered by other clutch manufacturers.

Applications: Typical applications include press ink rolls, coal feeders, press feeds, honing machines, speed reducers, bakery equipment and textile machines. Dual-source drives include blowers, pumps and fans.


The Hilliard Bi-Directional Overrunning Clutch can be used in dual drive or dual speed applications. It is designed to drive and overrun in forward and reverse, allowing both drives to stay connected to the load at all times.

Applications: This clutch is well-suited for use in steel mills, automobile assembly plants, wood pulp mills, and in glass coating.

Overrunning Clutches

Hilliard Overrunning clutches are used to transmit power between a shaft and a gear, sprocket, sheave, or pulley mounted on the clutch or to directly connect two shaft ends. The roller type clutch construction is one of the oldest over-running or free wheeling designs.

Applications: Boasts a broad range of use including press ink rolls, coal feeders, honing machines, speed reducers, pumps, fans, blowers, as well as paper processing and drycleaning equipment.

Enclosed Overrunning

Incorporates the proven overrunning design in a totally enclosed package. Designed for power transmission operations, this clutch is totally contained in a stationary housing for constant protection from hostile environments or wash-downs.

Applications: Typical applications include backstopping operations, dual-source drives, multi-speed drives, and stand-by drives.

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