Motion Control Division: Drivetrain Clutches

Bi-directional Overrunning

Roller-Ramp concept allows the driven member of a machine to run ahead of the input, regardless of the direction of rotation. Automatically senses driving direction and shifts to driving or overrunning modes.

Applications: The Hilliard Bi-Directional Clutch offers a coupling solution for industrial machinery whenever equipment requires a redundant or back-up drive system.

Auto-Lok® Differential

The Auto-Lok Differential is used on the primary drive axle and replaces the limited slip or open differential. It is easily incorporated into existing designs and is being offered as an off-the-shelf item for walk-behind equipment.

Applications: The Hilliard Auto-Lok can be used as a hydrostatic or conventional transaxle, or stand-alone differential and axle in such products as utility vehicles, garden and lawn tractors, and walk-behind power equipment.

Centralized Front Differential

Our patented design offers true 4WD in forward and reverse as a differential package. Featuring automatic engagement on the fly, the Hilliard Centralized Front Differential performs like a locking differential when engaged, but like an open differential when cornering.

Applications: Utility vehicles, commercial mowers, and all-terrain vehicles.

Wheel Clutch Drive System

This economical drive system allows two-wheel, positive drive without causing turf damage while turning. Designed for ease of installation, it replaces complicated and archaic "wheel-on-wheel" drive systems.

Applications: Well-suited for self-propelled lawn and garden equipment.

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