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EHC Fluid Conditioning System

A rugged yet affordable solution for small filtration systems or portable filter carts. This system can provide treatment by utilizing HILCO's Selexsorb, fuller's earth, activated alumina, or ion exchange cartridges.

Applications: Reduces acid and removes water and particles from synthetic EHC fluids.

Load Tap Changer

For over 15 years, HILCO has provided filtration systems to the utility industry to clean up LTC oil compartments. Hilsorb dryer filters remove free water as well as particulate down to 1 micron ensuring that the contacts in the LTC always operate in oil that is at its prime dielectric strength.

Applications: Filtration systems for the utility industry to clean up LTC oil compartments as well as transformer load tap changers (LTC).

Hydraulic and Lube Oil Conditioning

Acid reduction of synthetic lubrication fluids is important for proper maintenance of pumps and bearings. Historically, fuller's earth (Hilite) and activated alumina (Hilite-A) have been and continue to be specified to neutralize the acid. The use of Selexsorb and ion exchange technology is also being used for fluids with additives. HILCO has been manufacturing systems for synthetic fluids for several decades and has the experience to design a solution to meet the application.

Applications: Rotating equipment manufacturers, lube, hydraulic, and EHC systems.

Hilcosep Coalescer Separator

The Hilcosep was designed to remove moisture and particulate contamination from steam and gas turbine lube oils. Self-sufficient stand-alone models with reservoir capacity ranging from 2,000 gallons to 12,000+ gallons and portable models as well as custom designs are available. See product video.

Applications: Wherever moisture and particulates need to be removed from turbine lube oil.

Machine Tool Coolant

The Machine Tool Coolant Recyler quickly and efficiently removes tramp oil and metal fines and other particulate matter and restores coolant to like-new condition. This portable unit cleans both water-based and synthetic machine tool coolants.

Applications: All chip forming operations that utilize water base coolants; also well-suited for turning, drilling, boring and milling operations.

Ceramic Membrane Crossflow

The Ceramic Membrane Filtration System utilizes high-velocity fluid "crossflow" across the face of the membrane. The oil-free water passes through the ceramic membrane while the oily waste is concentrated in a process reservoir.

Applications: Well-suited for multiple microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications. Processes fluid streams such as industrial laundry, aqueous wash solutions, catalyst stream recovery, and solvent reclamation.

High Pressure Coolant Delivery

This high pressure coolant delivery system achieves excellent results with a full range of material, including exotic alloys. Proper filtration eliminates plugging and erosion of the coolant pathway, cutting down on maintenance demands and misalignment of the tool and holder mate surfaces.

Applications: Works well in turning, drilling, boring, and milling operations.

Liquid Fuel Filtration

Hilliard has supplied thousands of liquid fuel filters, coalescers, and systems to OEM turbine and engine manufactures to maintain fuel cleanliness to their specifications. HILCO has broad experience in many applications such as:

•Tank Maintenance/Clean-up
•Suction Strainers
•Mobile-Portable/Stationary Systems
•Automatic Self-Cleaning
•In-line/Kidney Loop/Point of Use/Last Chance


Striving for continuous improvement in testing of vessel designs, cartridge configuration, and cartridge media, Hilco is able to offer the customer a customized and optimized solution to their liquid fuel filtration application that will ensure equipment reliability


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